The Kornspitz


For more than 30 years – in fact, since its birth in 1984 – the Original Kornspitz has delighted bread roll lovers from near and far. Today consumers in more than 70 countries around the world enjoy the roll with the Austrian roots.

An Original Kornspitz contains a balanced mix of high-quality raw food materials, primarily regionally grown: rye and wheat flour, rye, wheat and soy meal, linseeds and salt. In particular, an Original Kornspitz is characterised by its high proportion of crushed cereal, which contains all the goodness of the grain.

The dietary fibre content is more than 7%, and is thus higher than most breakfast cereals. An Original Kornspitz also contains many of the B vitamins, minerals (e.g. calcium and phosphorus), as well as trace elements like iron, copper, magnesium and zinc. This well-balanced mix of valuable ingredients makes the classic roll popular with foodies and nutrition-conscious consumers alike.


Since 1995, the Kornspitz has also been available in organic quality. As with the “classic” Kornspitz, only the best ingredients from predominantly Austrian fields are used.

All the raw food materials used regularly undergo state inspection. This guarantees that they have been organically grown. Organic wheat, rye and soy meal, organic wholegrain rye sourdough, organic linseeds, organic wheat bran, organic flour, salt and organic spices combine to deliver the unmistakeable taste of a true Kornspitz.

Thanks to these ingredients, the Organic Kornspitz also has an impressively high dietary fibre content of 7%. Over more than 20 years since its existence, it too has become a well-loved bread roll among nutrition-conscious consumers.


SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz – pocket-sized snacking fun!

Found on snack shelves since 2010: SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz (2g per piece) packaged in 125g units. “Cut twice”, the snack treat resembles its big brother in shape and colour and, like the Original Kornspitz, it is simply delicious.

SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz contain high-quality ingredients and are rich in fibre. Just 100g of this snack food provides 25% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre. The savoury snack for nutrition-conscious snack lovers contains no flavours, flavour enhancers, colouring agents or preservatives and carries the AMA seal, which is awarded only to foodstuffs that can be traced to their source and meet the highest quality standards.
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