The Kornspitz


Since it was created in the year 1984, the Kornspitz® has conquered bread baskets, breakfast tables and the hearts of people in no time at all.

Consumers in 72 countries no longer want to do without their Kornspitz®, and eat 4.5 million of these rolls each and every day.

The Kornspitz® contains a balanced mix of high quality ingredients, primarily cultivated in the region: rye and wheat flour, rye, wheat and soy meal, linseed and salt. The high share of crushed grain is the basis for the Kornspitz® to offer all the good nutrients found in the grain.

Its share of dietary fiber is more than 7%, and is thus higher than most cereals. In addition to vital dietary fiber, the Kornspitz® also has a lot of B-vitamins, minerals (e.g. calcium and phosphorus as well as trace elements (iron, copper, magnesium and zinc). The balanced mix of high quality ingredients makes the Kornspitz® so popular, both on the part of bread lovers as well as nutrition-conscious consumers.


An organic version of the Kornspitz® has also been offered since the year 1995. Similar to the “classical” Kornspitz®, only the best ingredients are used, primarily grown in Austria.

All the raw materials used are regularly subject to tests by public authorities, and are thus guaranteed to be derived from organic farming.

The ingredients bio-wheat, rye and soya meal, bio-whole grain rye sourdough, bio-linseed, bio-wheat bran, bio-flour, salt and bio-spices ensure the distinctive flavor of the Kornspitz®.

These ingredients are responsible for the impressively large share of dietary fibers – comprising no less than seven percent, thus double the amount in conventional mueslis. This has contributed to the fact that the Bio- Kornspitz® has become one of the most popular and top quality rolls in recent years on the part of nutrition-conscious consumers in Austria and around the world.


SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz - Mini-sized snacking fun

In bakeries, the Kornspitz® is as popular as it is successful. But the Kornspitz® is also a hit on the snack shelves – as the SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz with 2 g per piece, packed in 125 g packages. SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz is made of high quality ingredients, and is rich in dietary fiber. 100 grams of this mini-snack food provides 25% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber.

This salty biscuit for nutrition-conscious snack lovers contains no aromas and flavor enhancers, nor are there any coloring agents and preservatives. It has been given the AMA Seal of Approval.

With SOLETTI Mini Kornspitz you enjoy a premium quality snack with the best of two strong and popular Austrian brands, the Kornspitz® from backaldrin and Soletti from Kelly, in a single product. As it is "cut twice", this new enjoyable snack reminds consumers of the color and shape of a Kornspitz® made in the baking oven. And like its bigger snack brother, it tastes simply delicious.
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