Ingredients (per Kornspitz:)

4 - 5 slices of cured pork belly (20 - 25 g)
approx. 30 g mango (1/4)
approx. 50 g goat cheese
5 g butter


ca. 446,4/1.865 Energy kcal/kj
ca. 23,1 Fat (g)
ca. 6,1 thereof saturated fatty acids (g)
ca. 32,8 Carbohydrates (g)
ca. 4,7 thereof sugar (g)
ca. 5,4 Dietary Fibre (g)
ca. 23,8 Proteins (g)
ca. 3,2 Salt (g)


ca. 2,7 BU (1 bread unit corresponds to 12 g carbohydrates)
Kornspitz "Alpinist"


May might still be a little early to take on the peaks, but hiking season is definitely already upon us, so we’ve come up with a deliciously energising snack that’s just right for the occasion.

The exotic ingredient, mango, should be carefully selected. A good, mature mango is recognisable by its fruity fragrance. If it gives slightly when you apply pressure, you’ve chosen well.


Holding the mango, stand it on your cutting board and cut down, through the length of the mango, around the stone. In this way, the ripe, soft flesh is crushed the least. To peel the mango slice, place it on the board, with the skin side at the bottom. Insert the knife just between the flesh and the skin and slide it along against the board. Alternately, make a grid of shallow cuts into the flesh, without cutting through the skin, and then push up from underneath so that you have blocks of mango, which can then be easily sliced off using a small paring knife.

Halve the Kornspitz and lightly butter the bottom half. Next, slice the goat cheese. A little tip: soft cheese is best sliced using a knife with a long, thin blade run under hot to boiling water before each cut.

Finally, it’s time to get creative. Try to arrange the mango, cheese and bacon artistically – remember, you eat with your eyes first. Enjoy!

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