Ingredients (per Kornspitz):

50 g veal schnitzel
10 g cranberry jam
20 g camembert
20 g pears
10 g Quark/cottage cheese


ca. 338,7/1.424 Energy kcal/kj
ca. 10,3 Fat (g)
ca. 4,0 thereof saturated fatty acids (g)
ca. 37,3 Carbohydrates (g)
ca. 9,3 thereof sugar (g)
ca. 5,6 Dietary Fibre (g)
ca. 21,1 Proteins (g)
ca. 1,7 Salt (g)


ca. 3 BU (1 bread unit corresponds to 12 g carbohydrates)
Christmas DelightSpitz:
"Home and Hearth""


It’s Christmastime in the Kornspitz house, and indulging in this Christmas delight might just make you forget about everything else. So, remember to blow out the candles before taking a bite. That’s it for your safety briefing… now to the


It’s quite fast and easy. Cut the veal into appropriately sized pieces, as can be seen in the photo. In a frying pan, cook the veal briefly on both sides. The meat should be pink i.e. medium. For these pieces, this means frying on each side for about 30 seconds to one minute at high heat before removing from the heat and briefly leaving the meat in the pan. Season with salt, coarsely ground coloured peppercorns and a dash of lemon juice.

Spread the quark/cottage cheese onto the bottom half of the Kornspitz. Slice the remaining ingredients and place them on top. Lay the camembert on top of the meat so that it starts to melt slightly. Last but not least, add the cranberries and take your time to indulge in the enjoyment. We hope you will soon be all fired up for this treat. .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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