Ingredients (per Kornspitz):

20 g Quark (curd cheese)
10 g Greek yoghurt
1 pinch Cinnamon
1/8 Pomegranate
1 tsp. Honey
1 squeeze of lemon
10 g Oat flakes


ca. 306,1/1.292 Energy kcal/kj
ca. 4,6 Fat (g)
ca. 1,7 thereof saturated fatty acids (g)
ca. 52,5 Carbohydrates (g)
ca. 18,5 thereof sugar (g)
ca. 6,6 Dietary Fibre (g)
ca. 10,1 Proteins (g)
ca. 1,2 Salt (g)


ca. 4,4 BU (1 bread unit corresponds to 12 g carbohydrates)
Kornspitz "De Triomphe"


“A pomegranate a day, keeps the doctor away,” Julia jokes as she shows us how quickly one can conjure up a decent, yet simple breakfast with just a few ingredients. First we tackle the Kornspitz with a serrated knife… Part of the mental preparation in sport is visualisation. So, it’s not really surprising that Julia uses breakfast for this purpose, and the freshly cut Kornspitz slices are not equal in size. It is also not a coincidence that the setting in the photo reminds us of a podium.


Today, however, there are no athletes on the podium, but rather a very simple and yet delicious cream, made by mixing curd cheese and Greek yoghurt. This breakfast cream is flavoured with honey and cinnamon for a sweet and spicy note and a splash of lemon juice for a tasty contrast. The cream is then topped with a few pomegranate seeds. These small kernels are true power stations of nature and thus the ideal addition to a vital sports breakfast. Last but not least, a few oat flakes are sprinkled on top. Done, visualisation successful! We hope you enjoy it too!

Incidentally, the podium was “dismantled” immediately after the photo i.e. it was devoured.

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