For more than 30 years the Kornspitz® has delighted customers all over the world. Every day around 4,5 million of these high-fibre bread rolls are sold across 72 countries. This leading position is unmatched and, just like the Kornspitz®, the athletes of the Kornspitz® Sports Team are also world class .

The partnership between the Austrian Sports Aid and Kornspitz® brings together outstanding young athletes and the most successful trademarked roll in Austria and Europe. Under the framework of the Austrian Sports Aid mentoring programme, 20 young athletes are supported by Kornspitz®, as they work their way to the top.

As a partner of the German Ski Association, Kornspitz® supports the top German biathletes Erik Lesser, Arnd Peiffer and Laura Dahlmeier. They are all confirmed starters for the GSA, and contenders for a place on the World Cup podium.

Alongside Olympic bronze medallist, Simon Eder, the exceptionally talented Salzburger, Julia Schwaiger, is also part of the Kornspitz® Sports Team. All hopes are pinned on them in the Red-White-Red biathlon camp.

With the multiple World Cup winner and Olympic medallist from Belarus, Darya Domracheva, the Kornspitz® Sports Team is now also represented by an athlete recently chosen as Russia’s most popular biathlete. At the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi she succeeded in winning three gold medals.

Additionally, since 2014, the Kornspitz® Sports Team includes the Norwegian biathletes of “Team Mesterbakeren”, Vetle Ravnsborg Gurigard, Kristoffer Langøien Skjelvik, Håkon Svaland, Martin Eng, Tore Leren und Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen.

Also Czech biathletes fly the flag of the fibre-rich bread roll: as club sponsor, Kornspitz® also supports its namesake, the Czech National Biathlon Team SKP Kornspitz Jablonec.

As contact person and mentor for the Kornspitz® Sports Team, it was a great privilege to be able to engage the services of Christoph Sumann, one of the most successful Austrian biathletes in history. It is a distinct advantage for these sportsmen and sportswomen to have the former athlete to turn to, as he can best understand their needs.

All these top athletes are part of the Kornspitz® Sports Team, a team in which authenticity, professionalism and an incredibly strong will to achieve are fundamental values. Kornspitz® supports these athletes not only in a material sense, but also as a strong partner in all walks of life.

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