Bianca Schall
Bianca Schall Water ski

Geburtsdatum: Oct. 10, 1989

Wohnort: Kronstorf

Beruf: Student

Hobbies: Skiing, Shopping, Swimming

The "Kornspitz Sport Team"

With the Kornspitz Sport Team, Kornspitz supports a number of athletes from various disciplines and nations. Authenticity, professionalism and an incredibly strong will to achieve are the fundamental values. At the same time, long-term, continuous cooperation is strived towards to ensure the athletes are always given optimal support. This is not just in a material sense: with Kornspitz, the athletes have a strong partner in all walks of life.

The international Kornspitz Sport Team unites athletes from different nations and disciplines. The team’s sports director and contact person is former world-class biathlete Christoph Sumann. Kornspitz also collaborates with sports teams. Those who count on the support of Kornspitz include:

Julian Eberhard, Simon Eder (Austria)
Laura Dahlmeier, Maren Hammerschmidt, Erik Lesser and Arnd Peiffer (Germany)

Biathlon-Team SKP Kornspitz Jablonec (Czech Republic)
Team Mesterbakeren: Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen, Martin Eng, Vetle Ravnsborg Gurigard, Tore Leren, Kristoffer Langøien Skjelvik, Håkon Svaland (Norway)

Ice Hockey
HK Dinamo Minsk (Belarus)

Jakob Huemer, Maximilian Huemer and Karl Müllehner (Austria)

Christine Wolf (Austria)

Dominik Distelberger, Ina Huemer, Sarah Lagger, Günther Matzinger, Leon Okafor and Verena Preiner (Austria)
Tatjana Pinto (Germany)

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Nicol Ruprecht (Austria)

Lena Kreundl, Bernhard Reitshammer (Austria)

Kornspitz Team Upper Austria Ladies (Austria)

Table Tennis
Liu Jia (Austria)

Katrin Lang (Austria)

Tabea Alt and Fabian Hambüchen (Germany)

Water Ski
Bianca Schall, Nadine Schall (Austria)

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