Kornspitz® supports the Austrian Olympian Athletes

Olympic athletes are invaluable role models, particularly for young people. This positive energy and radiance promotes Kornspitz® and passes the added value and additional benefits on to Kornspitz® bakers.

Kornspitz® in the Austrian Olympic House

Kornspitz® has been top partner of the Austrian Olympic Committee since 2012. backaldrin The Kornspitz Company had already worked jointly with the AOC at the "Austria Tirol House" in 2012 in London. This successful partnership was continued in 2014, at the Olympic Games in Sochi. There a bakery was set up during the Games and 60,000 units of bread, cakes and fine pastries were made. During the course of a three week period, the master bakers on site supplied all guests and employees of the house with fresh bread, pastries, delicious cakes and, naturally, plenty of Kornspitz® from Austria

Winning Smiles

As top partner of the Austrian Olympic Committee and the „Austria Tirol House“, Kornspitz® launched the „Winning Smiles“ campaign in autumn 2013. From October 2013 until the beginning of the Olympic Games in February 2014, the “Winning Smiles” truck could be seen on Austrian roads, delighting visitors and guests at numerous events and making pit stops at Kornspitz® bakeries. In support of the Austrian Olympic team, the “Winning Smiles” team tirelessly collected radiant smiles from the Austrian population. The end result was that 15,000 winning smiles could be presented to the Olympians, as part of their outfitting and swearing-in ceremony.

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