To the Top with Kornspitz

Bread roll lovers around the world have been enjoying Kornspitz for more than 30 years. Steadfast in its commitment to sport, backaldrin The Kornspitz Company, inventor of the fibre-rich roll, also relies on this success story in sport sponsorship.

Social responsibility and sustainable business practices are a key focus at backaldrin The Kornspitz Company. Alongside sponsoring activities in cultural, social and economic environments, the family business is specifically committed to professional and amateur sport. This has become a tradition and is an integral part of the company philosophy. Sport and nutrition are, after all, an ideal combination and, just like in sport, peak performance at work, school and during leisure activities is only possible with the right nutrition. Bread and rolls have always been a fundamental building block of a well-balanced diet.

With this commitment, backaldrin strengthens sport and, because athletes are invaluable and authentic role models, the image of bread and rolls is also bolstered. Top sport demands a lot from the body, therefore a balanced diet and recovery times are important. Bread and rolls can affect physical and mental fitness. With its balanced mix of high-quality raw food materials, such as rye and wheat flour and rye, wheat and soy meal, Kornspitz makes a significant contribution to top athletic performance.

In this way, Kornspitz serves as a strong and popular sponsor of its namesake, the international Kornspitz Sport Team, which unites athletes from different disciplines and nations. There are also partnerships with teams and associations in other countries.

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